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Sep 4, 2017

Writer Mom Life Episode 5: Frost Kay and Writing for a Higher Purpose

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>>Frost Kay started her indie journey as many of us do – as a reader. She was a beta and ARC reader, as well as editor for others, so when she finally got the push to write her own work, she knew where to go for advice. And it seems to be working well for her! Her first book, Rebel's Blade, came out in March of 2017 and has stayed high in the rankings. The second book in the series, Crown's Shield, launched in August and is sitting pretty in the top 20 in her categories. However, her goal is not at all focused on rank and money. She wants to give people an escape through her books, as well as feature strong and positive female role models (and male role models for her two little boys)!

In the tips section, J.R. talks about "finding your why" and how that will influence so much more than just your writing.