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Apr 2, 2018

Writer Mom Life Episode 20: Sarah Woodbury and Staying in Your Own Boat


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When you’re in the trenches of writing in between changing dirty diapers, it can be hard to picture that it will all amount to something. So talking with Sarah Woodbury was a great opportunity to see what a Writer Mom Life can look like a few years (and 40 books!) down the line. Sarah shares her story from writing her book, getting an agent, not being able to sell it to a publisher, then finally deciding to self-publish back in the “wild west” of the early days of the e-reader.


While it can be tempting for those of us starting out to feel a little jealous of those who were around during the “golden age” of the Kindle, Sarah is amazed at how much easier it is now for people with all the resources and connections and support for self-publishing. And whether you have 1 or 40 books – you still have to market!


Sarah also shares:

  • How many words she writes per day
  • Her writing/editing process and her “posse” who help her
  • What she’d do if she were starting now (hint: the same thing she did 7 years ago!)
  • Why she doesn’t worry about individual launches or books anymore
  • How many books she’s sold
  • Learning to write in the middle of the chaos of homeschooling 4 kids


>> In the tips, J. R. and Daphne talk about why you haven't missed the boat and should just stay in your own.