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Apr 16, 2018

Writer Mom Life Episode 21: Karen Tomlinson and the Importance of Ritual!


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It’s the second international guest of the podcast! British author Karen Tomlinson works full-time for the NHS, released her first YA fantasy book a little over a year ago, and has already scored a USA Today bestseller tag thanks to a boxset with 25 other authors. Oh, and she has twins! She has a great optimistic and positive attitude about her work and writing that keeps her going, even though she hasn’t hit all of her goals quite yet.  

Daphne had a lot of fun talking with Karen about her writing and self-publishing journey, including:

  • How long it took her to write her first draft of 250k words! (Hint: not as long as you might think!)
  • Transferable skills between her training role and her writing
  • How the 25 authors worked together to hit the USA Today bestseller list
  • Her strategy for getting her list to pay for itself
  • Her weekly schedule (that includes a day off from everything business every week!)
  • What her short-term goals are -Why she may not ever want to transition to full-time writer
  • Why writing to market just isn’t for her


>> In the tips, J. R. and Daphne talk about the importance of ritual in our daily lives, and especially as it relates to writing!