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May 14, 2018

Writer Mom Life Episode 23: Elizabeth Ann West and Marketing Tools

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Elizabeth Ann West is a military wife and homeschooling mom who has been getting paid for her writing for over ten years. She writes Jane Austen derivative fiction but will be branching out into cozy mysteries this year. Diversifying is a big part of her strategy for success, and she talks to Daphne about her goals for this year and next.

Elizabeth also shares:

  • Why she only plans 3 weeks at a time
  • Why she doesn’t write every day
  • How her definition of success has changed as her daughter gets older
  • A peek into her author education resources
  • Why she is focusing on giving live classes
  • Where she gets her indie author news - What she’d like to tell new authors on the scene (hint: you don’t need to know everything right away! Really!)


>>In the tips, J. R. and Daphne go over the four basic marketing tools you need to get started in the indie author business (though traditionally published authors should probably be using them, too!)