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May 13, 2019

Writer Mom Life Episode 49: Holly Lyne and Scheduling Your Social Media


Homeschooling mum of 2 Holly Lyne talks about the "see-saw" of balancing writing, marketing, and mom life. With a goal to retire her husband in a a few years, she has a 7 year plan you'll want to be taking notes on!


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Apr 29, 2019

Writer Mom Life Episode 48: Kirsten Oliphant and Hitting Big Goals


In a recent poll of our Facebook group, you all said you wanted more from writer moms making the big bucks, and Kristen has been doing AWESOME the past 12 months! She is a great example of the work and strategy that goes into the "ten year...

Apr 15, 2019

Writer Mom Life Episode 47: Lauren Ranalli and Transferable Skills


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Lauren Ranalli is passionate about many things! Public health, diverse books for children, and writing her own children's books. One way to balance everything is applying the skills learned in one area to...

Apr 1, 2019

Writer Mom Life Episode 46: Holly Ostara from Fiction Alchemy


2018 was a busy year for Holly: new book, new baby, and starting a Discord group to connect with other writers! Listen to her story (and top baby sleep tip!) in this week's episode.


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Mar 18, 2019

Writer Mom Life Episode 45: Check in with Yesenia Vargas and her 4-figure goal


We last talked to Yesenia in Episode 16 of the podcast. Now almost exactly a year later, we check in to hear about the journey she took to reach all those goals she set for herself back in 2017. And she reached them! Yay! She breaks down...