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Aug 21, 2017

Writer Mom Life Episode 4: Amy Maroney and Editors vs. Beta Readers vs. ARC readers


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I was so excited to talk to Amy Maroney about her author journey, which is a bit different than what you usually see in the indie conversation. She’s set a 5 and 10 year plan, and it will be several years, not months, between her books. However, she is still meeting her financial goals, and has set high ones in the future that, even if she doesn’t meet them, will push her to go further than she’d have otherwise dared. Everyone’s journey is their own, and Amy is a great example of ignoring all the noise and focusing on what you want to (and can) do right now.


In the tips section, J.R. gives some ideas on how to use your skills to help others and bring in additional writing income, as well as the difference between beta and ARC readers.


After a brief moment of me gushing about Nick Stephenson’s accent, Amy and Daphne go on to talk about more serious things like:

  • Why she’s okay with not having 1000 subscribers yet
  • How much she’s making per month
  • Her long-term goals Her work before writing fiction
  • How beta reading can help you hone your skills
  • How much writing time she gets in with 2 teenagers in the house
  • Her slow approach that isn’t often seen in the indie world
  • Genre impacting how fast your can publish (= historical fiction takes a long time to write. It just does)
  • Mentors and who can be one