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Feb 5, 2018

Writer Mom Life Episode 16: Yesenia Vargas and Twitter for Authors

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If you’ve searched for "writer mom" in Google, you’ve probably seen Yesenia Vargas’s site, With 2 kids, 2 sweet YA series, a blog, and a YouTube channel, her days are pretty full. After not finding that perfect planner to keep her writer mom life organized, she made her own! Daphne gets all the details for you, and also chats with Yesenia about:

  • Her decision to leave teaching to focus on writing and her kids
  • Her approach to writing as running a business
  • How her definition of success has changed – it’s no longer the “default” of 6 figures
  • Why being debt free is more important than hitting a certain income number
  • Her weekly schedule with a baby and a kindergartner
  • Why she’s trying to get to bed earlier
  • Where she found inspiration for her morning ritual (hint: it’s a book from another great writer mom we’ve had on the show!)

In the tips, Daphne and J. R. talk about Twitter and how authors can best use it.